The bake parlour story


88 Years of tradition and taste goes into everything we make.
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Bake Parlor has developed a history of entrepreneurial excellence ever since its inception in 1926. Our management techniques, quality standard and passion for growth have propelled us to the top of the Pakistani food industry. Our procuts diversification and market development strategies have enabled us to grow tenfold within a decade. Today our products portfolio includes flour; confectionary, vermicelli, a complete range of pasta items (Macaroni, Spaghetti) and snacks just to name a few.

Bakeparlor owns the largest flour mills in Karachi and in conducive environment we've utilized our network to import wheat through international contacts. We practice both horizontal and vertical integration by owning all entities from flour mills to trading companies. More than 500 employees constitute our workforce nationwide in plants and corporate offices, and a thriving culture of teamwork to accomplish specific tasks and co-ordinate with other departments; this approach includes Cross-Functional Teams and Permanent Teams.

We believe that our employees constitute our main differentiating factor and that effective application of the latest management and leadership techniques are essential for creating value in the corporate environment. Bakeparlor enjoys the privilege of being an equal opportunity employer and we envision our organization as an integrated whole with all the parts acting in conjunction and harmony with each other. Market development and penetration are our key pirorities at the moment and we beleive that our products portfolio demands a global audience; in this regard we've established an import-Export department to explore probable markets and develop positioning strategies. Our installed production capacity and expected additional increment mean that we are in an ideal position to develop foreign markets while maintaining top quality services to local consumers.

We recognize the significant probability of a global food crisis in the near future and being a responsible corporate cititzen are developing effective strategies to protect consumers and maintain service standards, provided that the stable economic situation persists. Our position as a major wheat producer and player in the food industry places greater responsibility on us to protect consumer interest and environmental scanning is our number one priority. To put these principles in practice we've successfully acquired memberships to ISO 9001, Snacks Food Association (SFA) and accreditation from Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of USA and utilizing these platforms to provide quality food at the same price levels.

Together we hope to emancipate a new era of food revolution adhering to our core competencies of excellent customer service and differentiated products. Constant innovation and redefining our core processes is a daily mantra and we aim at, nay we foretell of greater things to come.


Bake Parlor offers 'more for less' by providing a diversified products range with premium quality and extra quantity at an affordable price.

We consistently monitor our ingredients mix by analyzing our consumers eating habits so as to provide food that is easy to cook and fun to eat. We acknowledge the global food commodity needs and consider it our responsibility to make the most out of limited resources through optimization.

We decipher opportunities and make the most out of them. Our operational efforts are subject to continuous improvement and our success trickles down to our customers, employees, business partners, community and environment that is how we aim to sustain it.


To attain sustainable competitive advantage at a global front by associating 'Bake Parlor' with nutritious, scrumptious and diversified food products range.