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Bake Parlor is one of Pakistan's leading FMCG brands. The group owns the largest flourmills in Pakistan and is one of the biggest wheat commodity consumers in the country. Over the years, the company has launched innovative food products keeping enticed its customer base across Pakistan and beyond - most remarkably the 2 in 1 Pasta Recipe Mix Range of which it is the pioneer and the category leader.

Product Range

Whole Wheate Macroni

Spiral Macaroni

Fancy Speghatti

Tomato Ketchup

Imli Sauce

Green Chili Chutney

Quick Cook Khowsuey

Qeema Marccroni

Malai Tikka Macaroni

ICE Cream Syrup

Jam E Mashriq

Cut Vermicelli

U Shape Vermicelli

Soya Sauce

Chili Sauce

Bar B. Que. Sauce

Vinegar White

Our Delicious

Bake Parlor has developed a history of entrepreneurial excellence ever since its inception in 1926. Our management techniques, quality standard and passion for growth have .propelled us to the top of the Pakistani food industry. Our procuts diversification and market development strategies have enabled us to grow tenfold within a decade