Bake Parlor products are exported to the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Afghanistan and Australia. Successful memberships and certifications: Halal, ISO 9001, SNAC International, SID Certification and accreditation from Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of USA have been acquired to maintain international production quality, and safety standards. The certifications and staff trainings by accredited bodies help to assure our global stakeholders about our premium product quality and work environment safety standards.

RGC believes in transparency and sharing rightful knowledge with its customers locally and globally; which is why the group can proudly confirm that all its product packaging contains relevant information like Product Names, New Weight, Product Ingredients, Allergen Warning, Nutritional Labelling etc. on the label in three different languages namely English, French and Arabic. Furthermore, we have separate export cartons for various SKU’s to ensure our customers get to enjoy our products in the best form. Most of our products have shelf life of 18 – 24 months with manufacturing, expiry and batch numbers printed on the packaging at time of fresh production.

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