Rasul Group of Companies - RGC (Registered TM: Bake Parlor) has a history of entrepreneurial excellence since its inception in 1926. The group’s passion for innovation, diversification whilst sustaining its high-quality production and safety standards have enabled it to grow as a leading company in the Pakistani food industry.

RGC owns the largest flourmills in Pakistan and is one of the biggest wheat commodity consumers in the country. Over the years the group has integrated forward from flour milling into production of Pasta and allied products namely Spice Mixes for Pasta preparation, Vermicelli, Noodle Soups, Ketchup, Sauces, Chutney, Vinegar and Soy Sauce production, Industrial Baking, Potato Pallet Snacks and Nimko manufacturing plus frying and Cordial Syrups (Sherbet) prepared from natural ingredients. Commitment to continuous investment in R&D is the backbone to the spirit of innovation at RGC and has aided in keeping employees and customers enticed.

As an industry leader, the group realizes its responsibility to protect consumer interest, hence, environmental scanning is a major priority. Successful memberships and certifications have been acquired to sustain production, quality, and safety standards namely Halal, ISO 9001, PSQCA, SNAC International, SID Certification and accreditation from Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of USA. The aforementioned help to sustain our teams ability to set industry benchmarks and count on work of a higher and more consistent quality.

Below is a glimpse of some of our major milestones:

Set up first flour mill (Rasul Flour Mills)

Launch of Bake Parlor Pasta (Macaroni)

Launch of Bake Parlor Ketchup & Chinese Sauces

Launch of Bake Parlor Pasta (Spaghetti & Lasagne)

Addition of New Pasta Plants

Launch of Bake Parlor Color Flavor Vermicelli INSTEAD OF FROZEN

Launch of Bake Parlor 2 in 1 Pasta Recipe Mix Range

Launch of Lites Potato Snack Range

Sauce Range Extension: Imli Sauce and Pizza Sauce