Karachi, 8th March 2021 – Bake Parlor conducts One Day Cooking Class with Chef Asad, which took place at Rangoowala Karachi. The event raised awareness about how important it is for women to work on their skill sets. Head Of Marketing at Bake Parlor, Sabeen; Ms. Zia Halai principal of Rangoonwala trust VM Public School;

The year 2020 has definitely been a devastating one for many and while we begin 2021 with new hopes, new resolutions, and of course, new food interests, the second strain of COVID-19 is proving to be more lethal. Despite the health-risking consequences laid out by the pandemic, the extended “stay at home” period brought back

The coronavirus pandemic has completely disrupted the world cycle, leaving everyone in complete isolation and no one knows when will it end. Making people adhere to the social-distancing rules to prevent them from catching the contagious virus, countries have been put under strict lockdown. However, bored and frustrated ones have eventually opted for other entertainment

Bake Parlor has been a part of Pakistan’s food industry for a very long time by maintaining its excellent food standards. With the largest flour mills in the country, the company is mostly known for pasta items. However, they also offer multiple products ranging from sauces to syrups, ketchups, snacks, and much more. While the